Welcome to our Courses Page.  All courses can be customised. IT Skills and Soft Skills durations vary.  Our popular, fast paced Pick and Mix Courses© allow you to pick 4 sessions per day.

Not all course outlines are published, so please contact us if you would like information or an outline for a particular course

Pick and Mix - 90 minute courses

Microsoft Excel

E1 - Microsoft Excel Workbooks from Scratch
E2 - Excel Working Smarter
E3 - Excel Formula Magic
E4 - Excel Complex Formulas
E5 - Excel Getting the Most from Data
E6 - Excel Managing Big Workbooks
E7 - Excel Charts and Sparklines
E8 - Excel PivotTables & PivotCharts
E9 - Excel Automating Your Workbook
E10 - Excel Sharing Your Workbooks and Macros
E11 - Excel Creating Interactive Dashboards

Microsoft Word

W1 - Word Documents from Scratch
W2 - Word Working Smarter
W3 - Word Indents Tabs Bullets Numbering
W4 - Word Using Correction and Editing Features
W5 - Word Tables
W6 - Word Managing Long Documents
W7 - Word Page Layout
W8 - Word Graphical Documents
W9 - Word Mailings
W10 - Word Automating Your Documents

Microsoft PowerPoint

P1 - PowerPoint Presentations from Scratch
P2 - PowerPoint Working Smarter
P3 - PowerPoint Working with Tables and Charts
P4 - PowerPoint Images Shapes SmartArt & Video
P5 - PowerPoint Corporate Image using Masters
P6 - PowerPoint Power User

Microsoft Outlook

O1 - Outlook - Working Smarter

Microsoft Practice and Etiquette

N1 - Netiquette - Email Etiquette
S1 - User Security Awareness

Microsoft Teams

T1 - Essential Teams Basics
T2 - Teams as a Collaborate Tool