Security Awareness Training

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Security Awareness Training

Duration: 1 day For up to a total of 60 delegates

NOVA–IT understands that improving employee security and data protection awareness is a high priority. We deliver ‘meeting room’ based security training sessions for all employees covering key topics.

Our approach to security awareness training is to break it down into easily digestible segments.
Our security trainers are experienced at taking “non-techies” and individuals with no knowledge of IT or security through to a good general understanding. We deliver training in an informal and interactive way, with energy, and lots of useful content during 45-60 minute sessions, typically a maximum of 4 sessions in a day, based on groups of 10-15 people. Delivered in a banquet style set up with a projector linked to the trainer’s laptop. A key takeaway would be that humans are typically the ‘weak link’. Whilst an organisation can have the latest and greatest security technologies and controls, these can be undermined by a simple slip of the tongue, clicking on the wrong link or opening the wrong attachment.

  • Why is IT Security so important?
  • What are the different types of attack?
  • What can we do?
  • Show recent and topical examples of cyber-crime that people would have heard of e.g NHS website, David Beckham emails


What are the different types of attack?
  • Group exercise – match the image, type of attack and description together
  • Discussion and example of each one
  • Who is making these attacks and who is at risk?
What can we do?
  • Tips on how to stay safe online including:
  • Password guidance – including video on sharing passwords
  • How to spot phishing emails and scams
  • What to if you have been hacked
  • Antivirus and mobile devices guidance
  • Social Media, shopping on line etc.
  • Excellent online reference tools and a Tips and Tricks handout to keep
  • True or false quiz