Microsoft PowerPoint – Introduction to Advanced Level

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Introduction Level Training

Duration: 1 day

Getting started with PowerPoint
  • Introducing PowerPoint, the screen and menus
  • Creating a slide show from the AutoContent Wizard
  • Running a presentation
  • Saving a presentation
  • PowerPoint views
Creating a Slide Show
  • Inserting slides
  • Working with slide layouts
  • Applying design templates
  • Adding text to a bullet list
  • Formatting text and bullets
  • Working in Outline view
  • Moving from slide to slide
  • Spell checking a presentation
Working with Master slides
  • Formatting the presentation
  • Adding text and graphics to every slide
Slide Layouts
  • Working with tables
  • Working with organisation charts
  • Working with charts
Slide Animation
  • Slide transitions
  • Build effects
  • Running a Presentation
  • Showing a presentation
  • Moving from slide to slide
  • The PowerPoint viewer
Printing a Presentation
  • Printing slides
  • Printing handouts and notes

Intermediate – Advanced Level Training

Duration: 1 day

PowerPoint Revision
  • Working efficiently with PowerPoint
  • Using Outline view
  • Shortcuts, hints and tips
Working with Masters
  • Creating slide masters and templates
  • Creating and modifying a notes master
  • Creating and modifying a handout master
  • Adding footer information
Creating Custom Slideshows
  • Importing from Word or other slideshows
  • Hiding and showing slides
  • Reordering slides
Working with Drawing Tools
Creating drawn objects
  • Moving, sizing and duplicating objects
  • Grouping and ungrouping objects
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Adding text to objects
  • Using AutoShapes
  • Clip Art and Word Art
  • Importing graphics
Advanced Animation
  • Adding slide transitions
  • Build effects on bullet slides
  • Custom animation
  • Creating a looping presentation
  • Setting slide timings
  • Running an automatic slide show
Presenting the slideshow
  • The Pack and Go Wizard
  • The PowerPoint Viewer