Microsoft Outlook Super Tips

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Outlook Super Tips

Duration: Half Day

House Keeping
  • Folders – creating e-mail folders to save your messages to
  • Find – using Find to search for Outlook items
  • Organise – using Organise to create simple Rules to move & colour messages
  • Rules Wizard – creating Rules to automate repetitive e-mail procedures
  • Out of Office Assistant – allowing Outlook to manage your Mailbox whilst you are away
  • Auto Signature – creating a corporate signature for your e-mail messages
  • Working with Personal and Public Contacts
  • Creating, finding & deleting Contacts
  • Using Categories to classify your Contacts
  • Copying Personal Contacts to the Public Contact folders
  • Forwarding Contacts to e-mail recipients
  • Scheduling appointments, events & meetings
  • Responding to meeting requests & checking invitations
  • Using Categories to classify your Calendar items
  • Editing Calendar items
  • Recurring appointments
  • Deleting & moving Calendar items
  • Calendar views & printing Calendar information
  • Adding, viewing, opening, printing & deleting Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks to other users
  • Creating Tasks from e-mail messages
  • Creating Tasks from Scanned Post on the network
  • Opening other users’ Tasks
  • Granting permission to your own Tasks for other users