Microsoft Excel Introduction to Macros and VBA

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Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA

Duration: 1 day

  • Introduction to macros
  • Recording macros
  • Running macros
  • Assigning specific workbook/worksheet macros to keystrokes
  • Assigning specific workbook/worksheet macros to objects on the workbook/worksheet
  • Assigning global macros to toolbar buttons
  • Assigning global macros to menus
  • Deleting macros
Visual Basic Editor
  • Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor
  • Understanding Projects, Modules and User Forms
  • Writing modules that include message boxes and input boxes
  • Creating user forms
  • Using the toolbox to add controls to the user form
  • Understanding simple visual basic code
  • Writing VB code behind controls
  • Understanding variables
  • Declaring and using variables