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SharePoint Introduction

Duration: 1 day

SharePoint overview

What is SharePoint made of: introduction of all components, & explained in detail during the course

  • Sites
  • Document Libraries
  • Lists
  • Pages and News Posts
SharePoint as a practical document and file manager
  • How to use a document library
  • Introduction to descriptive document columns and views
  • Using columns and views to find documents quickly
SharePoint as an information management system
  • Introduction to SharePoint Lists
  • Creating a list
  • Updating and managing information in a list
  • Using filters and views to find and highlight information
SharePoint as a company intranet
  • Creating and editing SharePoint Pages
  • How the SharePoint news system works
  • Document Libraries
  • Displaying information from other parts of Microsoft 365 in SharePoint
SharePoint – Integrations with Office and Other Microsoft Apps
  • Using traditional desktop applications and SharePoint
  • How Teams and SharePoint work together
  • Document Libraries
  • Using links and web parts to connect with other Microsoft 365 applications
SharePoint – Basic admin
  • Setting up user permissions and security
  • Document Libraries
  • How the permissions levels work

SharePoint Administrator

Duration: 2 days

  • Overview of SharePoint
  • Creating a SharePoint Online site
  • Managing and maintaining a SharePoint Online site
  • Working with a blog site
  • Pages and News Posts
  • Importing data from an Excel workbook into a SharePoint Online
    document library
  • Importing data from an Excel workbook into a SharePoint Online custom list
  • Customising SharePoint Online document libraries
  • Customising SharePoint Online custom lists
  • Understanding SharePoint Online permissions
  • Creating and applying SharePoint Online permissions
  • Configuring and testing SharePoint Online permissions

SharePoint Designer and Workflows Introduction

Duration: 3 days

This course is aimed at business analysts, team administrators, managers, web designers and editors, who need to learn how to create, brand and manage SharePoint sites.
InDesign Environment
  • InDesign environment elements
  • Document navigation
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • SharePoint and Microsoft Office
  • Getting around SharePoint Designer
  • Architecture of a SharePoint Site
  • Managing Sites in SharePoint Designer
  • SharePoint Subsites
  • Customising Site Properties
  • Permissions
  • Understanding Version Control
  • SharePoint Site Content Structure
    • Lists and Document Libraries
    • List Columns
Creating your first SharePoint Site Page
  • HTML & CSS Fundamentals for SharePoint
  • Images
  • Creating Navigation
  • Working with Lists
SharePoint Master Pages
  • What are Master Pages?
  • Creating your own Master Pages
  • Master Pages & CSS
  • Site Definitions
Formatting Lists and Library Views
  • Working with Views
    • in SharePoint Designer
    • in the Browser
  • Customising Lists and Library Views
SharePoint Web Parts
  • Custom functionality with Web Parts
  • How to incorporate your developers’ Web
    Parts into your site
Customising SharePoint Site Navigation
  • Navigation Overview
  • Working with Links
    • Collaboration Site
    • Publishing Sites
Creating Workflows with SharePoint
  • What are Workflows and how can they help
    with our Business Processes?
  • Workflow Types
    • Site
    • List
    • Content Type
    • Reusable
Creating & Editing Workflows with
SharePoint Designer
Workflow Input Forms